5 Quilt Ideas Your Kids will Love

Ideas Your Kids will Love

For most people, quilting is simply a hobby. However, just like any other past-time, quilting can be highly rewarding. And what would be a better reward than seeing your kids happy. It can be slightly difficult to make quilts that your kids will like. The abundance of colors and patterns on the internet makes it even more daunting to start the task. However, in this article we give you the some of the best quilt ideas which are not only easy to make but your kids will love them as well.

Panel Quilts                                 

Panel quilts are probably the easiest to make because they use a huge panel as the center of the quilt. The panel takes up most of the quilts’ surface, reducing the amount of sewing. A panel with a storyline or a picture from your kid’s favorite story book will make a perfect quilt. Fabric shops often have a large variety of ready-made quilt panels in different themes that you can buy.

Play Mat Quilt                                     

Similar to panel quilts, you can make a play mat for your kids. Board games are a good theme for play mats on which your kids can play games to their heart’s content. Although, they are really easy to make, you will need to pay considerable attention while placing the fabric. You can create a board game right from the scratch that you kids can enjoy.

Disney Themed Quilt

There is no child who doesn’t like the Disney movies. Be it a girl or a boy, your kid will love to have a Disney themed quilt. You can create Disney princesses and fairytales quilt for girls while boys will like Cars and Toy Story quilts more. You can also use Mickey Mouse Fabric which is a general favorite of both genders. Speaking of favorites, you can fashion a quilt by specifically using the things your children like best. Some other themes that are perfect for making quilts are dinosaurs, space rockets, etc.

Disney Themed Quilt

Season Inspired Quilts

If you are having troubles with coming up new ideas for quilts that are suitable for kids, then season inspired quilts can help you. You can create a quilt with one season as the focal point or divide the quilt in four different ways to add all the seasons. Seasons themed quilts are really flexible because you can use different objects and things that are specific to a season in the quilts. Autumn and Spring themes are the most popular among Kids.

Shapes Quilt

For very young kids, you can use quilts to educate them as well. Cut the fabrics in different shapes to make a quilt and use it to teach your kids the names of these shapes. You can choose vibrant colors for making this quilt that are perfect for kid’s room. Another way to create educational quilts is to use numbers as the main theme. And if you want to make the quilt more fun for your kid, the Hungry Caterpillar should be your first choice.

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