7 Inexpensive Ways to Redesign a Bedroom

We all reach a point in our lives when our bedroom doesn’t quite get us. It doesn’t feel personal enough, it doesn’t help us fall asleep easily, and it just doesn’t quite have a welcoming vibe. It is time to repair our relationship with our bedroom by giving it a makeover. The 6 tips below will help you reinvent your room without spending a ton.


Purchase some storage containers. Next, take on your room one space at a time. Start with the closet: toss, sell, or donate items that haven’t been worn within the year. Work your way around the room until you have cleaned every area.

Make your room as organized and minimalistic as possible.

Rearrange, Buy, or Decorate Furniture

Take a look around your newly spacious room. Is there something missing that could make the room look better? Maybe you need a new nightstand or a new dresser? If you have everything you need, re-evaluate how everything is placed in your room. Start moving furniture around to see if things might fit or look better in a certain area.

If you’re feeling creative, give your furniture a new look by doing some DIY decorating projects, such as adding wall paper or a new coat of paint to your dresser, or adding a newly sewn cover to your chair or couch.

Buy New Linen

Buy linen that gives your room a new fresh appeal. Add a few new pairs of sheets to your collection along with some new pillowcases. Invest in a comforter or blanket that keeps you nice and toasty during colder months. Replace worn down pillows with new ones that match your desired firmness.

The goal is to add linen that takes your bed to the next level of comfort: It makes your bed so comfortable that you dose off the minute you get on it.

Consider Your Mattress

The mattress is the most important part of a bedroom, so if it doesn’t bring you complete comfort, you need to replace it. Here are a few things to look for when considering whether you need to buy a new mattress:

  • The age of the mattress. Mattresses older than 10 years need to be replaced.
  • Mattresses shouldn’t sag too much
  • You should wake up feeling refreshed. If you wake up feeling restless or can’t quite get to bed, then you need a new mattress.
  • Obvious body aches are a huge sign of needing a new mattress.
  • Your body shouldn’t leave an impression on your mattress.

Add Some Fresh Art

Pick a new color of paint for your room. Decide what color reflects its theme, or pick a bold new color to give the room more vibrancy.

Blend personal pictures with fine art. Pick out some paintings and/or family photos to hang in your room. Don’t go overboard and cover your entire room in photos, but add a few that accentuate certain areas.

Add Nature

Natural elements usually add a calmness to a room. Keep it simple by just adding a plant or two to your bedroom. To give your room more natural smells, pickle some fruit or herbs, or add potpourri. Turn on nature sounds to help you fall asleep faster.

Use Coupons

Save on new furniture, linen, photos, etc. by using coupons when making purchases for your bedroom. Using coupons will allow you to expand your re-decorating budget. Shop at superstores like Walmart with coupons to stretch a small budget even further.

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