Getting familiar with the offshore living conditions

the offshore living conditions

If you are interested in applying for a job offshore, there are many key segments which must be considered before you make a decision of this kind. It is true that this type of job is not as similar as all the regular jobs that most of your friends are having, but on the other hand, the payment when consider taking it is having a different rate.

Before they apply for this kind of job, many people are curious over the accommodation provided, as well as the types of entertainment, assuming that you will need to spend your time there for weeks before you have a chance to take a break and come back home, close to your friends and family.


Once a person decides to take the chance to work assuming a job of this kind, the responsibility of his productiveness and motivation is based over the provided environment. Assuming this, an excellent conditions must be provided, because the workers need to have a good food, decent place to sleep and couple of services which will help them entertain and relax once their shift is over. They are designed by a group of professionals, since there must be varieties of components that must be followed, assuming that they are built over specially designed area. They are made by offshore living quarters manufacturers, and by that, a team of professional has taken care over the worker’s safety and the duty to provide a good working and relaxing atmosphere.

Job duties and qualifications

This type of job requires more than just a basic application, since if you are a part of the team, you will need to past through a varieties of trainings, which can be very hard and exhausting. Also, your health must be in an excellent condition, since you will need to perform varieties of exercises during which you will need to be under water without breath. Your shifts will last longer than the regular ones, and they will be up to twelve hours, considering half an hour of briefing before each shifts starts, since a lot of things may be changed in a range of twelve hours. You can learn more over the working duties by watching this video.

Food and nutrition

When it comes to the food, there is a certain team of people working in preparing the meals for the people that are working, taking care over their nutritive values, since the people consuming the food are spending a lot of energy and effort when doing their job. You will have enough meat, fruits and vegetables and your system will be provided with everything you need in order to stay healthy.

Most of the rigs are having an excellent internet connection, which serves as a good form of entertainment, as well as communication, since you will come back home after every four to five weeks. But also, besides the possibility of watching movies, playing games and similar, many rigs have fitness quarts, small theatres, pool tables and other types of entertainment, since the people you will be working for are well aware about the people’s need of a well-developed environment, once you will spend a lot of time there.

When it comes to alcohol and recreational drugs, their use is banned and they are much forbidden. Most of the workers will have random drug tests and if the results are positive, you can get a permanent ban.


Working offshore may seem like a very hard decision to be made, but most of the people that have tried something of this kind are very satisfied with that they receive back. The fact that it is completely different environment than half of the job you can find near you, is making you step outside of your comfort zone and aim for something different. When calculating the risk, you will be living apart of your friends and family for several weeks before you come back to them, but on the other hand, you will have an equal time to rest and spend some time with them. And when it comes to the salary, you can’t expect that you will make this big amount of money when considering a regular job.

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