Patio Umbrella For a Delightfully Enjoyable Summer

Summer is a fun time, bringing up visions of relaxing lazily by the poolside, frolic on the beaches and parties. Summer brings sunshine and warmth but at times you would like to enjoy it in the shade by the pool or in your garden. Patio umbrella for a delightfully enjoyable summer is popular everywhere. They are available in various sizes, designs, styles, materials and prices. Take care to buy the right one and get full value for money.

cantilever patio umbrellas khaki pictureA patio umbrella is available in different sizes. The size is measured in an arc from one end of the umbrella, going over the top across the circumference, to the other end. When selecting a suitable size to match your needs, it is important to keep this in mind. A patio umbrella should be neither too big nor too small for the space available and purpose for which you will use it. The right vendor will specialize in dealing with various kinds of patio umbrellas and patio furniture, enabling you to choose a harmonized blend.

The main components of a patio umbrella are the stand or base, the pole frame, ribs and the covering. Wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass are commonly used materials for the stand and frame ribs. The covering can be cotton fabric or synthetics like polyester or nylon. Choose a covering material resistant to UV so the colors do not fade and the material does not deteriorate with time. Remember it will be exposed to the harsh summer sun all day. It should be resistant to rips and tear. Some materials will simply rip across even if there is a slight tear.

Steel and fiberglass for the frame are more desirable than wood or aluminum. Fiberglass for the stand and ribs is ideal since it has high tensile and flexural strength, able to withstand heavy winds and corrosive atmospheres. The base is just as important to anchor the heavy umbrella. It can be stone, cast iron or concrete grouting. Some umbrellas have tilting facilities so you can adjust the angle for the perfect shade.

You can go in for a standard umbrella available in 9 ft or 11 ft size or have it customized for a perfect match. Standard patio umbrella cost less while customization of all aspects will give you a harmonized look at a slightly higher cost. Buying from a reliable online supplier gives you options of selecting from a wide range of styles, designs, cover materials, all at a good price.

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