Things to Do Before Getting Your New Windows Replacement.

Things to Do Before Getting Your New Windows Replacement.

Deciding on which new windows to install is the first thing which comes to your mind whenever you think of carrying out any windows replacement. It is imperative to carry out your personalized research on the trustworthy window installation company.

Always choose the home window installation company that is capable of offering custom windows. The company will be able to provide you with customized services according to your needs. The company should also be willing to come to your home and take measurements of the windows, so you can also share any additional concerns.

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  1. Removal of Window Jamb Expansion

The old window jamb extension should be removed, and the old window’s screws loosened for safer removal.

  1. Set Up Opening Window.

This is the second step in windows replacement process. The windows jamb is inspected to make sure they are not faulted. If there is any damage, they are either repaired or replaced. These adjustments can influence the size of the opening, and therefore some allowance should be left to give some space for the outer measurements of the new window.

  1. Inspect Quality And Suitability Of The Window.

Window’s stop is keenly examined to know whether they are used or damaged. If damaged, they should be replaced. The new window should be dry fitted before applying any silicone. It ensures there are no issues with its compatibility. The window should then be removed if it fit well without any problems.

  1. Installation of the Window

Silicone is used during the replacement of windows by applying it in the inside of the window’s edge and put into place. For the alignment of the window, a level is used by placing it at the top of the window. To keep the window in level, cedar shims are squeezed at the bottom between the jamb and the frame of the window.

Each side of the window should be secured with two screws which are put in the already drilled holes on the window frame, placing one at the bottom and the other at the top. Finally, when the window is fitted, insulation is mounted in the gaps.

  1. Window Molding Installation.

The molding style you had selected for your home window installation is then installed around the window. The measured trimmed mold is held together with finishing nails.

  1. Nail and Paint Window Trim.

The final stage in windows replacement is filling with the nails with paintable wood putty and painting the molding to finalize the job. These are technically the things you expect on the day the windows and doors are delivered to your home.

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